Well, referral system if it may be called, however, I would call it our spreading joy scheme for our valued clients. That was what I told my colleague at our morning coffee meeting. But Talha, why not call it a simple referral scheme?, he said. 

Let’s see how do we get our clients mostly, through word of mouth even in this digital age. People tend to work in groups, and act in a coherent manner. They are more confident discussing their issues with somebody who they are familiar with. That is why when we get referrals from existing clients at Your Tax Help Accountants, Southall, our new clients have somewhat similar social and economic backgrounds. 

So why not we provide them a small gift which can bring a smile to a father, mother, husband or a wife. Lets make it official then, we shall offer our clients gift card from one of the stores (Tesco, Next, Argos, M&S and Clarks) each time they refer us to a new Limited Company client who signs up with our company. The gift card can be send by email or in person and they can utilize it in store or online, depending on the store. There is no maximum number of gift cards and any client can get some goodies each month. So finally we agreed on this, and will be implementing it w.e.f. 14th August, 2019. Indicative gift card value will be £30 minimum.

Our future plan is that we will be seek collaboration in next 2-3 months, with an online website to offer gift cards from other stores. 

Obviously this is not a big amount, however, one can get a decent bouquet or a box of doughnuts. We are just spreading joy.